About Us

Ullman Sails Gear is a sister company of Ullman Sails, the international brand founded in 1967 in Newport Beach, California by sailing icon, David Ullman. 

Part of our mission is to collect waste from the sail manufacturing process worldwide and craft it into up-cycled quality products that will last a lifetime. For this reason our upcycled and handmade baggage products come with a lifetime guarantee. Send it back to us when it is broken or worn out and we will repair it or replace it at no cost. Just don’t throw it away.

Through this we will play a small part in breaking the cycle of waste.

Our first bold and hefty task is to upcycle over 15 000 plastic bottles by manufacturing 300 foul weather systems in just 2 months. This kit is co-sponsored by WWF and includes a Puffer Jacket which integrates with a water-proof windbreaker as well as sailing foulweather pants. The full unit is 98% upcycled and can be used both aboard any vessel and on land in any weather conditions. It is a truly remarkable piece of engineering at a great price that cleans the environment and contributes to conservation through our donation to the WWF.

If you buy anything this season it must be this, you will not be disappointed.