Meet the Team Behind the Scenes at USG

Meet the Team Behind the Scenes at USG


Victor has been around since day 1 of USG when our loft was just a pile of old sails.
He is the one responsible for how our loft looks today!
Victor is always making sure the ladies are looked after and smiling everyday!


Beauty started working for the team in 2019. Armed with a beginners course and plenty enthusiasm she didn't have much sewing experience but made up for it in her relentless, committed approach to her work.
She is a happy, kind, ambitious and compassionate women!


Felecia also started with us in 2019.
She is known for her great sense of humor. She has been an absolute asset to our team with her quick and beautiful hand work behind her machine. She has a sense of humor that makes us all laugh daily, she is dedicated, kind and full of enthusiasm!


Lerecia is one of the newest members of USG. She started working for us in 2020. Lerecia came in with absolutely no sewing experience and now sits behind our zig zag machine with great confidence. She is the life of the party. She is known for her infectious laugh, her determination and her willingness to learn.
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