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Meet Ullman Sails’ newest ambassadors!

Meet Georgia and Diego (AKA. Unforgettable Sailing) who have recently come on board as Ambassadors for Ullman Sails after winning the 2020 #CRUISINGWITHULLMAN Competition. Georgia and Diego quit their jobs to refurbish a tiny 50-year-old sailboat to live on the sea. They soon traded that boat up for a more comfortable home, only to lose it a few months later to the biggest hurricane in history. “We were already in love with boat life and as the stubborn sailors that we are, we didn’t give up. 20,000 nautical miles later here we are on Unforgettable number 3,” say Georgia and Diego. We catch up with them to find out more about what life is like sailing and cruising all day… How has...

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Meet the Team Behind the Scenes at USG

Meet the incredible team behind the scenes at Ullman Sails Gear. These 4 wonderful people are the skilled hands behind our beautiful range of upcycled bags. Each bag is made with love and an intense passion for what they do. Get to know each person and what makes them special.

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Ullman Sails Gear Upcycles Waste Products

Ullman Sails Gear is run by Rachael England. She designs all the different products, sources the upcycled materials and brings the gear to life with the help of three talented machinists. Old sails and offcuts are made into tote bags, make-up bags, toiletry bags and much more. The material that the sails are made from is waterproof, so it is perfect for sailing, but also makes a fashion statement. These bags aren’t just for sailors, they are also for fashionistas! They are very stylish and unique and we are sure that once all your family and friends see them, they will also want to be a part of this positive and unique fashion alternative.

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